Prestige Ranks

The Prestige System rewards players for resetting their Guild Rank, items and currency (in short, all of their progression) for two benefits: big fixed bonuses and showcasing stats.

➮ Cost


At least, everything related to EliteMobs. The player's current guild rank will be reset to 1, the coins currency will be wiped and all the players current soulbound items will no longer be usable.

This is quite interesting to see happen all at once when a fully equipped player activates the prestige while having all gear equipped, making it look like they're being born again.

If you'd like to showcase your previous prestige gear/sets, it is recommended you place the items in a Shulker, Item Frame or on an Armor Stand prior to purchasing your next prestige.

➮ Benefits

Activating the prestige ranks will unlock the following in differing amounts, based on prestige level and guild rank level:

  • Maximum health (starting from prestige 1)

  • Chance to crit (starting from prestige 2)

  • Chance to dodge (starting from prestige 3)

Additionally, players will gain more money per kill for each prestige tier they increase, but rank costs will also go up proportionately. This is to reward players for upgrading, but also to lower the incentive that a player might have to try to farm at a really high level and then find a way to use that money to speed through the ranks of the next prestige run.

A fully upgraded player can experience 120 max health (compared to the vanilla 20), 10% base chance to dodge, 10% base chance to crit and 15x currency multiplier.

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