Creating & Managing Plots

To first claim a plot, use the command /plot auto or if you've found a space in the plotworld you would like to take, use the command /plot claim.

➮ Core Commands

Claiming commands

  • /plot auto - Claim an random empty space in the plotworld

  • /plot claim - Claim a specific plot in the plotworld

  • /plot merge [all/north/east/south/west] - Link a plot together

Removal commands (This can't be undone)

  • /plot clear - This will only remove everything on your plot

  • /plot delete - This will completely unclaim and remove the contents of your plot

  • /plot unlink - Unmerges all of the connected plots

Teleportation commands

  • /plot sethome - Allows you to set the Spawn Point for your plot

  • /plot home - Teleport to your own plot

Appearance Commands

  • /plot setbiome - This allows you to change your plots biome

➮ Co-Op Commands
  • /plot chat - Toggles plot chat, good for roleplays, private chatting etc

  • /plot info - Displays who's added/denied/trusted this will also list the biome and the ID

  • /plot add [Username] - This will only add a player as a "Member" Members can only build and destroy when you're online

  • /plot trust [Username] - This will allow a player to build and destroy when you are online and make use of WorldEdit on your plot

  • /plot remove [Username] - Completely removes a player from your plot if they're a Member or Trusted

  • /plot kick [Username] - Kick them off of your plot (This will teleport them to spawn)

  • /plot deny [Username] - Deny a player from being able to enter your plot

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