About Us

This documentation is a work-in-progress. There may be errors or typos in the guides, however we're constantly working to improve them.

General Info

  • 38+ Custom Dungeons, most handmade by our own staff!
  • 10K+ Dungeon mobs to fight!
  • 200+ Challenging dungeon bosses and minibosses!
  • 100+ Randomized world events and world bosses
  • 8 in game days for a customized Bloodmoon providing unique challenges and rewards!

Depth & Quality of Life

  • Custom Instancing Setup: You will never run out of dungeon content because it is cleared or occupied!
  • Custom Coded RPG Stats plugin with special accessories and bonuses on gear!
  • Custom Skins, Models, Boss Powers, and Environments for originality!

Planned/WIP Features:

  • Custom Classes, allowing players to unlock more abilities and spec certain paths to make combat more interesting
  • Custom Pets, providing combat bonuses and status effects
  • Custom Turrets, providing defense against the Bloodmoon at players' bases
  • 13+ Mob Arenas with 30 waves each and unique bosses/rewards throughout
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