World Edit: Beginners

WorldEdit is a donator only perk for Creative if you have the Backer Rank this will allow you to edit an area quickly. You begin with the command //wand which will give you a Wooden Axe. WorldEdit allows you to replace or delete thousands of blocks in seconds, helping you to quickly start and finish builds.

➮ Commands

//pos1 - Set your first position to where you are standing //pos2 - Set your second position to where you are standing //set - Set the entire region to one or more block(s) //walls - Create a walls around the region //cut - Removes the region and saves it to your clipboard //copy - Saves an Item to your clipboard //paste - Pastes your clipboard //expand [Number] [Up/down/south/east/south/west/vert] - Expands the region in the direction //undo - Undo your previous worldedit //replace [FromID] [ToID] - Replaces a certain block in a region //rotate [Angle] - Rotates a the selection //flip [right/left/upsidedown] - Flips the selection //brush [type] [ID] [1-5] - Paints using your choice of pattern //sel [type] - Change your tool (This allows you to create Spheres and such) //stack [amount] - Stacks your selection in the direction you're facing //wand - Recieve the wand tool //desel - Unselect your current selection

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