Using the command /shop will open our Server Shop where you can buy and sell items using in game currency.

Making Money

Once you have found your feet you might want to start making money. This can be done in a number of ways and the simplest is by selling items. You can sell a variety of items for differing prices in /shop. However you may want to explore additional ways as this is not a sustainable method to become the richest in the realm.

Farming renewable resources such as crops and/or logs is the recommended method when starting to establish yourself in the server economy.

TIP: Combine manual farming and selling crops with Jobs & Quests for Farming

➮ Jobs

Jobs are a solid way to get started with making money on the server. Typing /jobs will bring up the Jobs Menu wherein the various jobs are selectable. Try to pick jobs based on what you think you will be doing when on the main Dungeons Survival server. You may have three jobs at any one point in time. It is possible to swap between jobs without losing experience in previously held jobs, so it is possible to minmax your payout by jumping between them! Jobs experience and payouts do not carry over into Dungeon Instances, however engaging in events like Blood Moons will still help with your Hunter levels.

➮ Quests

Quests are another means of making money for players both starting out or very late into the game. Typing /quests will open up the Quests Menu, which has numerous options to pick from! Quests are only completable while they are active, so choose your three possible active quests wisely. Quests have multiple stages, and completing the later stages of a particular quest type reward more money! This system is incredibly useful for getting started with your first Minions.

Similar to Jobs, Quests are not active within Dungeon Instances and are purely on the Dungeons Survival server.


Minions are incredibly expensive but are also very rewarding! They are sources of nearly passive income, generating anything from crops, building blocks, and even rare ores at the cost of various fuel types. Minions are for largely established players who have been working on collecting money for some time. It is also important to have a strong base defense with sturdy walls and a thick roof to protect these Minions and the blocks that they stand on during the Blood Moon Event.

Purchase Cost: $25,000

➮ Cost:

UpgradesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Growth Cycle


















➮ Value:

UpgradesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Growth Cycle (seconds)


















➮ Fuel:

  • Nether Star - 6 hours

  • Lava Bucket - 1 hour

  • Emerald - 60 seconds

  • Diamond - 60 seconds

  • Gold Ingot - 45 seconds

  • Iron Ingot - 45 seconds

  • Copper Ingot - 45 seconds

  • Coal - 15 seconds

  • Blaze Powder - 15 seconds

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